Colorado needs judicial reform

This is the current state in Colorado.  Why?

Judges make the rules about the discipline of judges.   

*  There has not been a published case of judicial discipline since 1986.

Over the last 10 years, the discipline commission has dismissed 97% of complaints against judges.  And 89.5% of complaints are dismissed without any investigation whatsoever due to an unconstitutional rule.

You see, judges actually made a rule requiring the dismissal of any complaint against a judge that is based on an order that can be appealed.  In direct contradiction to the constitution, violations of the Code of Judicial Conduct are dismissed if such violations are related to an appealable order.  The discipline commission doesn't even look at the merits of such complaints. 

In other words, judges can intentionally be dishonest on the bench and they are not subject to discipline.  Colorado is completely upside down from where it's supposed to be.  Judges know they can do whatever they want without being disciplined.  After all, they made the rule.

How did we get here?

How have we gone almost 30 years without it being publicly revealed that judges are covering up the misconduct of judges? 

People don't pay enough attention to judicial retention elections. 

Less than 1% of judges lost retention elections between 1964 and 2006.

Judges average a 75% "yes" vote in uncontested retention elections.

In such elections there is not a contest between individuals that prompts one candidate to reveal the flaws of the other candidate.  Judges only have to get a simple majority vote in an election where they have no opponent.  We know nothing about the judges because they have used the current discipline commission to cover up their misconduct for many years.

Research shows that judicial retention elections, as they are currently structured, are essentially meaningless. 

*  It is very difficult to get the public to move from the 75% amount of "yes" votes in an uncontested retention election.

There are good judges in Colorado who deserve to get 75% support of the people.  But unfortunately the system currently protects bad judges.  Judges have too much job security.  And that's not a good thing.

We can fix this

How do we solve this?  With common sense. 

Remove the conflict of interest in the discipline of judges.

Make retention elections meaningful.

That's why . . .

The Honest Judge Amendment transfers the power to discipline judges to the independent ethics commission. 

And The Two-Thirds Majority Amendment increases the amount of "yes" votes a judge must receive in an uncontested retention election to a two-thirds majority.

We would have true accountability for our judicial branch and also transparency because discipline proceedings would become public upon a finding of probable cause.  There would be no more cover up and no more secrecy.  Public confidence in judges would increase.  It's a win-win situation.

* To accomplish this, we need to edit amendments in the constitution. 

To edit the Colorado Constitution, we must amend the Colorado Constitution. The people can amend the constitution through the initiative process. If enough registered voters sign a petition for an initiative to be placed on a ballot, then the people of Colorado can vote on whether the constitution should be amended.

So, please check out the two proposed statewide initiatives on this website.

Then . . .

Please help by submitting just one to eight signatures on petitions to get the initiatives on the ballot.

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Help yourself

Judges should be someone special.  These initiatives help ensure judges are someone special.

Clean Up the Courts is a grassroots issue committee focused on judicial reform. Colorado’s current judicial system must be improved to ensure that all Coloradans obtain the due process they deserve. Clean Up the Courts is a nonpartisan committee that focuses on enhancing the integrity of the judicial process.

Clean Up the Courts

Judicial reform efforts in Colorado have grown into

The Judicial Integrity Project

where The Honest Judge Amendment and other reforms are being sought.  The Judicial Integrity Project is a long-term organization that seeks to improve the judicial system by removing conflicts of interest, and increasing transparency and accountability.  Please support judicial reform efforts by supporting The Judicial Integrity Project at

At present, Clean Up the Courts is focusing on the Colorado Supreme Court, the Colorado Court of Appeals and the Colorado judicial branch as a whole. Eventually, Clean Up the Courts hopes to help improve judicial integrity throughout the country.

"A justice or judge must possess the confidence of the community and therefore be independent and honest."
        ~ The Honest Judge Amendment

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337 judges in Colorado

would be subject to these initiatives. There are more than 5 million people in Colorado; judges should be accountable to them.

"The penalty good men

pay for indifference to

public affairs is to be

ruled by evil men."

~ Plato

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